Photo: coal and fuel delivery by James Peacock, Bainbridge, North Yorkshire

Coal & fuel

We deliver coal and solid fuel in Wensleydale, Swaledale, Coverdale and further afield.

Prompt deliveries and excellent service.

We are a family run firm have friendly staff with a good local knowledge and are always helpful.

Coal and solid fuel supplier

Fuels that we currently supply are:

  • House coal:
    • Best Doubles £15.90 per 50kg 
    • Grade 2 Doubles £13.30 per 50kg
    • Best Cobbles £18.90 per 50kg

  • Smokeless Fuel:
    • Burnwell £16.25 per 50kg
    • Newheat £21.25 per 50kg
    • Fire gold £20.40 per 50kg
    • Cosycoke £17.50 per 50kg

  • Sticks and Logs
    • Kindling Sticks per bundle £1.00
    • Kindling Sticks per bag £7.00
    • Logs per bag £7.00

  • Firelighters
    • Homefire Twizlers Natural Firelighters 300g £3.00
    • Multipurpose Firelighters 99p

We operate using 4 wheel drive vehicles and a trailer, making all areas accessible.

We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses, the Coal Merchants Federation and we are 'Approved Coal Merchants'.